Anyone can ring and make an appointment for your visit, a GP referral is not essential.

Please bring any referral letter you may have from your consultant or GP.

Your first visit will begin with a detailed history of the problem followed by a physical examination. Your chartered physiotherapist will also need to ask you about your medical history and details of any medications you may be taking.

For the physical examination you will probably need to expose the appropriate body part. If you have lower back pain or a lower limb injury, you will need to wear shorts. Please feel free to bring your own if you are more comfortable.

If you have a sports injury or a foot problem, it may be appropriate for your Physiotherapist to look at your running shoes, so bring them with you.

Your Physiotherapist will discuss the assessment findings and agree a treatment plan with you. All assessment and treatment procedures will be done only with your consent.

If you have any queries relating to your visit or the assessment procedure, please contact your Chartered Physiotherapist prior to your appointment.